Prototype drafting tools for Architects and Urban designers
in Virtual Reality

Download Prototype


DesignSpace shows how Virtual Reality could be used by architects and urban designers as an immersive tool for drafting in 3D, and reviewing early design concepts.

It was developed for the HTC Vive during the 2016 AEC Hackathon in London, where it won the award for "Best Use of Visualization Technology".
The application is no longer under development, but you can download the source code for the Unity3D project on GitHub, or download the latest build.

DesignSpace was used as a basis for further research during the 2016 VR Hackathon in Stuttgart, where we developed DesignSpace Analytics: a proof of concept for the GearVR and HTC Vive showing a workflow that would allow Architects and Urban Designers to use Virtual Reality to test and evaluate their designs with citizens, neighbours and future users.



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